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Wood Sticker - Dandelion

Wood Sticker - Dandelion

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Approx. 3.25" diameter, oval shaped sticker on cherry wood.

While the dandelion is considered a weed to some, it is a symbol of resilience and determination to others. This bright yellow flower is one of the first to show its colors in spring and brings wholistic wellness to those who enjoy its diversity of medicinal qualities. This is an herb lovers ode to an admirable flower and herbalists everywhere. 

This design was hand drawn then etched into the wood for precision. Pliable, can bend to fit around water bottles, mugs, and more.
Can withstand light washing such as hand washing. 


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The earth is talking to you...

The natural world is constantly reaching out to us - we need only to slow down & listen to receive these messages. Let our visionary art be a beautiful reminder of your innate connection with all beings of this earth.